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Phan Thiet

가든 사이공 호텔 GOLF TOUR 패키지
베트남에 위치한 최상의 골프장들을 멤버쉽 가격으로 초대합니다.

Many years ago, we had a chance to visit Scotland, the motherland of this noble sport, and were able to enjoy some of the most famous links style golf courses like Musselburg Links, Carnoustie Golf Links… From that very point of time, the idea of the first golf course next by the sea in Vietnam had been started. And in one business trip to Ham Tien seashore, PhanThiet Province, standing at this very hill, watching and enjoying the fresh breeze of the East Sea, we felt that it was the place where our idea would come true. Hence, we put all our best to change this place into one of the best tourism and entertainment point not only of Vietnam but also of the wolrd. And after two years of hard work, SeaLinks Golf & Country Club is starting to serve our clients.

SeaLinks has the advantages that other famous Links Golf Courses in the world do not have; that is the warm climate all year round. While Links Golf Courses in Scotland have few customers in winter because of heavy snow, SeaLinks never does. Playing golf here, you will never need to worry about the bad cold weather of the North Vietnam or the heavy rain of the South.

About the design, with the talent and experience of the architect Ronald Fream as well as the famous name of GolfPlan Design Company of the United States, we believe that SeaLinks will be one of the most beautiful golf courses of Asia. Moreover, we want SeaLinks to become an international rank golf course so that when people think of PhanThiet, they will think of playing golf.

For the last few years, according to tourism board, the attractiveness of the golf courses plays an important role in the increasing of tourists to Vietnam. As we believe, once SeaLinks opens and starts serving the clients, our country will attract a lot more international tourists. Moreover, this ecological tourism place will provide more than 500 jobs of all levels, and hence help the local government and people.